The Dominant Hypnotist (1)

Madame Destiny’s Show

I have always been attracted to magicians, illusionists, and anyone that had a little spark of magic inside of them. People like this bring out the innocent child in us that yearns to be let out. Because of this fascination with magic, one day I decided to book a show to see a famous dominant hypnotist, Madame Destiny, and invited my girlfriend to come with me. I thought this would be a good opportunity for a little self-discovery and have fun at the same time.

From the first few minutes of the show, I was mesmerized by what I saw and I listened attentively to the dominant hypnotist while I questioned the first few tests she was doing. Madame Destiny was accompanied by an assistant, who had (like all the magician’s assistants I’ve seen in that past) a very hot body and a charming smile. She introduced her as the assistant hypnotist. She would assist an hypnotizing participants from the audience and bring us back to a conscious state.

The Hypnotist’s Assistant

After the first test, I was invited to go on stage. I consented to let them lay me down on the bench they had onstage and hypnotize me. I could still hear her voice as she hypnotized other people, and I began to open my eyes and look up. This reaction alerted Madame Destiny’s assistant who came to see me right away. “So, you woke up earlier than expected?” she tells me. She put her hand on my chest to push me back down and said in a nice but direct tone, “We really wanted to get you on stage but now I don’t think it was a good idea!” “No, no, I swear the hypnosis session is working, I just didn’t go down entirely.”

Seeing my raised eyebrows and listening attentively, she looked at me in the eye and said, “Ah, I understand,” she said. “Hear only my voice, relax …” I felt relaxed and when I started moving my legs, the hypnotist’s assistant changed her tone. “You are calm and relaxed, hear only my voice until I tell you it’s different. Hear me and only me!” I saw her eyes in front of me, her face blurred, and her long red hair falling around her shoulders. “There you go!”And suddenly, she pulled on my arm and pushed my head back. “Now, sleep … you’re mine!”

dominant hypnotist

The Second Part of The Show

Instantaneously, I was in this hypnotic state where I heard people talking around me but I couldn’t understand what they said. I was fine, I felt the presence of the hypnotist’s assistant and I heard her voice continue to accompany me and give me the same orders she gave everyone else. At the end of the first part of the show, there was a small intermission. The spectators on stage were brought back to consciousness and returned to their seats in the audience. Madam Destiny suggested to my girlfriend that I do the second part of the show and if I was still feeling like I was in a hypnotic state after the show, she would work with me afterwards to get me out of the hypnotic state.

The hypnotist’s assistant went to the stage and said, “Ok’s time.” I don’t know what word in that sentence it was but it triggered the return of the three of us on stage who had already participated in the first half of the show. Twenty new spectators were also included in this second part of hypnosis session. I had the impression of sleeping for two hours, with moments of awakening when the hypnotist’s assistant gave me the order to open my eyes. I heard her orders and I understood everything. Consequently, I sometimes found these requests absurd and sometimes felt myself laughing inside. In fact, I was doing everything she said.

You Feel Me In You

Throughout the second part of the show, Madame Destiny came several times to me. I inhaled her perfume in addition to drinking her words and while she spoke calmly to me. Her presence made a deeper impression on me as time went on. When she woke me up and I regained consciousness, she told me all the words she used to put me in a hypnotic state and they were all words that seemed out of context with the show. That surprised me. “You only hear my voice, my voice is embedded in you. So embedded in you that you can not resist anymore, you need it to feel sexual desire!

“Your body is heavy, your eyelids are heavy. They get heavier at the sound of my voice … your sexual desire is stronger, so strong that you cock gets harder at the sound of my voice. You only hear my voice, you see my eyes penetrating you! I penetrate you deeply, I enter you on all sides. You feel me in you, in every place … so much that I am inside of you, you feel me and you understand that you become mine!”

The Facesitting Session With The Dominant Hypnotist

When these words are spoken: desire, pleasure, lick, kiss … the image of me will be in your mind, remembering what my body looks like, which will make your cock harder!” The show ended and I returned to my seat. My girlfriend asked me how it went, I spontaneously replied, “Great … I had sex!” She burst out laughing and Madame Destiny came to see us, telling my girlfriend she was actually going to have to keep me another 10 to 15 minutes to get me out of the hypnotic state. My girlfriend replied: “Is this really necessary? He seems to be very aroused at the moment.” The dominant hypnotist smiled at her and gave me a wink. “No worries, I’ll return him quickly.”

And with that, she disappeared with me in a box. In a few seconds, I found myself in a hypnotic state again and I heard her say, “So you want sex … come here quickly and lick me before I take you back to your girlfriend!”

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