She’s the BOSS and Everyone Knows It! – Meet My dominant Wife

dominant wifeMy dominant wife is 4’3 and weighs 68 lbs. I’m over 6 ft and weigh 180. Yet, she’s the boss. She’s no bigger than a sixth grader and she beats me up every day.

She’s relentless. She attacks me out of nowhere, just walks up to me and  starts hitting me for no reason. Well, there is a reason, she enjoys it. She told me that when she’s at work, she  thinks about everything she is going to do to me when she gets home, and it gets her excited. By the time she’s driving home, her anticipation peaks so she calls me on the cellphone and tells me she’s going to kick my ass. She says for me to be naked and on my knees when she walks through that door and she knows I will.

  So I finish up my chores kind of haphazardly and hope she doesn’t inspect them too closely because I KNOW they won’t pass inspection. That’s another beating I’ll endure if she does check. There’s no time to clean any longer, she’s a few blocks away and I must be in position when she arrives.

All I have on are a pair of girls panties she bought for me so I pull them off and position myself inside the front door, on my knees, hands behind my back and I hear the car pull up, the car door open and slam shut, and moments later she’s inside standing over me. “Shoes”, she says and I reach down and remove each one from her pretty little feet.

 “Chores done?”

  “Yes Ma’am” I reply, trying to keep the fear out of my response.

  “Do I need to inspect your work?”

  I think to myself, Don’t Lie! Then I lie.

“No ma’am, I was thorough.”

 ” We’ll see about that, but first…” and then she slapped me hard, the smack resonating in my head, I actually saw stars! Then she hits me again and again, my equilibrium vanishing with each blow, until she takes a step back and delivers a roundhouse kick with the bottom of her foot that sends me to the floor, where I lie motionless hoping she’ll think that that was enough.

  Instead she places her right foot on my face, pinning me to the floor and then the other foot on my chest as she stands full weight atop me. Luckily for me, only 68 lbs so I can endure this.

 “You’re lying to me about your chores, aren’t you, husband?”

Her toes pressing hard on my lips. The jig is up.

  “Yes boss” I try to say between her toes. I’m really afraid now. Punishment for lying is extreme.

 My dominant wife steps off me, bends down, grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me up to a  sitting position, her face an inch from mine. 

 “Go to your room and wait for me.”

 As I crawl away, she unleashes one solid kick to my bare ass and walks slowly toward the kitchen to inspect my work.

An hour, maybe two, has passed. I’m still on all fours waiting for the door to open and my punishment to begin. I can hear her on the phone talking to her sister. I catch a few words and sentences occasionally. Sis is coming over, this can’t be good.

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