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Regale of Femdoms

Saturday June 3, 2017/ 10pm – 3am


1. Upon entry all male guests will stay on their hands and knees unless a female touches your chin as a signal for you to stand and present your body and mind to your Female Superior. While standing you will not speak until addressed b a Female Superior.  

2. Dress code is in effect at all times during the party. If you lose your clothing or change out of dress code, you will be asked to leave. 

3. Do not pursue unwanted conversations if the other party is uncomfortable. No always means no!

4. Do not physically touch others without permission. This includes with an implement. Unwanted touch will not be tolerated.

5. Do not engage in any activity deemed unsafe or illegal on the premises.

6. Absolutely no cell phone photos! Photography is not permitted by anyone other than on duty staff photographers.

7. If something concerns you, alert a staff member. It will be dealt with anonymously.

8. The decisions of the staff and venue are 100% final.

The Alley Wynwood – 2010 NW Miami Ct. Miami, Fl

Pre-Sale tickets are available: www.Eventbrite.com 

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SPECIAL GUEST Dommes; Vivienne Masters!!! MsVivienneMasters.com AND The Miami Domme Squad; Goddess Foxy, Mistress Sombra, Mdm Fyre Rose, The Princess Hellion, and Mistress Betty Pickle

Your Dream of the men Crawling Toward Your Feet…..
You Wake From Your Dream and Live The Reality….
For The Night, or a Lifetime From This Day Forth GIRLS STAND TALL
Are you a sub/slave searching for the perfect Goddess to worship?
You may just find Her here!
2010 NW Miami Ct Miami, FL 33127

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FREE parking in rear (alley side). We are using the alley side (rear) entry way as per the request of the city. There is no entry on Main Street and no parking. Please dress discreetly while outside on the street.