A Flame, A Fantasy of Enslavement: A Day In My New Life (2)

This is the third time today, I can’t believe this woman’s appetite, it seems to grow with every day of my enslavement. What I also can’t believe is how much I have fallen in love with her and my new found life.


I had better get back to work, you can see from my poor bum she isn’t kind when I fail to keep up a good tempo. If this is like most ‘education sessions’ (as she likes to call them), I will be required to bring her to at least three orgasms (which usually lead to many more) as she instructs me.

This usually is a combination of a reminder of my enforced slavery, a lot of verbal abuse, humiliating comparisons to ‘real men’ and an insistence I service her exactly the way she wants it done.

My Enslavement

I often spend up to an hour working her from one climax to the next. I never know when she is done and as I said, her appetite seems to be growing.

Only with a sly smile and usually a foot to my face she will simply push me away when she feels the session is over. I am then sent off immediately to fix her a snack while she recuperates. Indeed, the last time I complained of being tired after an extra long session, she beat my poor bottom until it was bleeding.

At which point, with tears streaming down my face and in a lot of pain, I was sent off to fix her a snack while she recuperated. I didn’t hesitate this time when told what to do and I haven’t since. She works as the manager of a women’s wear section of a popular department store.


Mistresses Latest Victim

For some reason, she knew she had her latest victim the moment she laid eyes on me. When she saw my try and steal a pair of frilly panties, my fate was sealed. With incriminating photos in hand she very calmly gave me an ultimately, either a month in chastity or the police.

As you can seem I have now been here a little over two weeks. The first week was tough with the pains in my balls every morning, my never ending sore bottom and the intense workout my jaw had to learn to en-dour on a daily basis. But something happened last week. Instead of fighting this no win situation I tried letting go.

I gave myself to this woman just to see what it would be like. And, I kinda liked it. As you can see, she seems to be enjoying my new found enthusiasm.

The Love for Enslavement

Her orgasms even feel more powerful and she seems brimming with confidence. Before, I was performing a task whereas now I was making love to her.

I am kept very busy through the day while she is at work. The house is expected to be spotless and things like food, laundry and household chores have been placed under my responsibility. Needless to say, she doesn’t like to be disappointed.

My time with her is spent on her. Along with ‘education sessions’ she has constructed a very structured routine. From painting her toes, to sponge bathing, to body message my every waking moment we are together is spent focused on her. I don’t know why, but I love it. She is so beautiful, she is so powerful. She owns my soul and she knows it.

I am expected to spend every waking moment thinking about how I can maker my mistress’s life easier, better and more sexually charged. I think I am doing a good job.

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