The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (19)

I Love The Taste Of Femdom Mistress Michelle’s Pussy

As I expected, Mistress Michelle cums several times while I ate her pussy. I deeply love to eat her pussy. It is a real reward for me and Mistress knows it. Sometimes, between classes, she returns to her apartment, to be worshiped with a quick cunnilingus by her submissive slave. Then she leaves, calm, leaving me in a state of indescribable excitement.

My face stained with her cum intoxicates me. I think my Mistress’s cum has the same effect on me as an addictive drug. When she refuses me her pussy and offers it to Jessica or orders me to touch myself while Jessica eats her pussy, it is an intensely humiliating and terribly frustrating experience for me.

Michelle’s Breakfast Routine

Mistress demands that I make her cum with my tongue every morning. I prepare her breakfast, and at the right time, I slide my tongue between Mistress’s legs. Often, Mistress cums quickly with her hands grabbing my hair pushing me deeper into her pussy. I then swallow all her cum as she always cums abundantly. On the weekend, Mistress Michelle likes taking her time with me.

I must eat her pussy for a long time and use my tongue on her clit as well as her pussy lips. She also likes me to lick her clit while she masturbates. I must admit that seeing and hearing Mistress Michelle cum, feeling her pleasure, her body stretched, her moans, is all I need to keep me alive.

Jessica Is Leaving Us

She is a beautiful femdom dominatrix that makes me crazy. And I know is that it is a privilege to be able to taste her with my mouth. After her successive orgasms, Mistress orders me to serve her a drink, kneel at her feet, eyes down, thighs open and hands behind my back. She then plays with my toes, which gives me a painful hard-on in my cock cage. I still have not let go of my frustration of not being able to cum in Jessica’s mouth and I moan with tears in my eyes.

“My pet, I think you understand, don’t you? Jessica is leaving us. I’m giving her to one of my friends that is a Master. We met 3 months ago at a fetish party and he liked my red-haired whore. He dominates her test her. She will be his sub fully next week. Hope you’re not too disappointed? I am speechless. I cry silently. Annihilated. I can not believe what Mistress Michelle is telling me. And her smile crucifies me. “You belong to me my dog, my submissive slave. Jessica, too, for a few more days.

I Only Want To Worship You

femdomAnd you do what I want you to do. Maybe I’ll sell you too. To a dominant gay couple, would you like that? Become a good house whore … When I ask you a question..answer me?” Femdom Mistress Michelle slaps me. I still cry but I dare not lift my eyes and look at Mistress Michelle. “Divine Femdom Mistress, I beg you to keep me with you. You are my reason for living, my sublime Goddess. I only have one goal in life: to worship you. Also, I beg you to take me further on the path of your fantasies, your desires Mistress Michelle. I am faithful to you, your whore, your slut, your submissive slave.

Make me what you want Mistress, but I beg of you, do not give me up. I gave up everything for you, I chose this life for you Mistress Michelle. However, I do not regret it for a moment. I am happy with you. I love you Mistress Michelle, intensely.” Mistress looks at me for a long time without saying a word. Then she gives me her hand that I hasten to kiss as a sign of allegiance. “In the meantime, slave, go prepare my bath and then go to the kitchen..I’m hungry!” After the meal, Mistress Michelle was no longer interested in me. I finished cleaning the kitchen, then the bathroom and I took my position at the feet of my Femdom Goddess, waiting for her to acknowledge me and speak to me.

A Request For Michelle

We had a ritual. If I wanted to question Mistress, I had to put myself in this position and wait to be acknowledged. My waiting time was sometimes short, sometimes very long, and sometimes even Mistress left without being interested in me. This time, Mistress waited nearly 10 minutes, the time it took to smoke 2 cigarettes while reading a magazine. “Yes my whore?” “Divine Mistress, can I join Jessica? I … I’d like to see her, I need to see her, I beg you Divine Mistress Michelle.” Mistress took her time to respond.

“Go. I am feeling very kind today and seeing that she will leave us soon I will grant you one last day with her. Untie her, do what you want with her and you can even spend the night with her. As long as tomorrow morning, you are done with her. I will not tolerate any failure, my dog. Tonight I’m tired. Get out of my sight and go join your red-haired whore.”

I Give Jessica A Bath

I threw myself at the feet of Mistress, thanking her by kissing them …“Go now..I’m starting to get jealous. Quickly before I change my mind!!!” I did not worship her anymore and I went to join Jessica. My love for her had awoken inside. She was tied up, bruised by the punishment inflicted by Mistress Michelle.

I untied her gently and led her to the bathroom supporting her as best as I could. I run a bath and brought her back to the room. We had not exchanged a word. Just looks. I began to massage her gently with soothing cream emphasizing the whip marks that marked her body that made her look like a zebra. Mistress has a heavy hand. Jessica surrendered herself to my expert hands and plunged into a half-sleep, offering her anatomy to me with a sigh.

My Love For Jessica Runs Deep

“Touch me… make me cum with your fingers very slowly. Then I want you to lick me please … I want your tongue.” Jessica was a submissive but she was also a woman. And that meant she was superior to the submissive man that I am. So I had to obey her although no order was necessary for the woman I was madly in love with. I loved Mistress Michelle intensely but with Jessica, my love was deeper. Something powerful that exploded inside of me when I thought about her, when our bodies touched or our tongues mingled. Her mere presence made me happy and the pleasure she demanded was a gift. The most beautiful gift I could ever receive.

I gave her pleasure for a long time, slowly and with infinite tenderness. None of us had noticed the presence of Mistress Michelle leaning against the door of the room. She looked at us with rare intensity, playing with the key to my cock cage between her fingers. “Approach!” Not a word more. Mistress Michelle released me not as easily as one may think because Jessica excited me like crazy. I kneeled down planting my eyes on my Dominatrix. I took her hand between mine to kiss it respectfully.

Give Me Your Orgasm

No need for thanks. Mistress Michelle could read it in my eyes all my gratitude and how deeply Jessica’s touch affected me. I went back to Jessica kneeling by the bed. She, too, was looking at me with rare intensity. She invited me to take the same position facing her. “Wait for me … I want to watch you masturbate and cum hard. I want to keep this image of you. I love you. And I do not know if I’ll ever see you again.” I opened my mouth to answer with tears in my eyes but Jessica put a finger on my lips.

“I beg you, do not say anything … please, it’s so, I love you and I love Mistress Michelle but I am a submissive and I have a new Master. I am leaving in 2 days. I’m going to quit school. Do not say anything about that please. It’s my choice. Now, touch yourself … give me your orgasm I beg of you, I need it.” Kneeling with my thighs opened, I obeyed. Jessica came next to me and while watching my hand go up and down she whispered in my ear, encouraging me, asking me to cum. I groaned with pleasure as I felt mine go up …“You, yes …. let yourself go, give me your orgasm my love, jerk off for me … cum, cum now.”

I screamed when I ejaculated. She collected my seed in the palm of her hand and then brought it to her mouth, swallowed it and kiss me passionately. We hugged each other for a long time, body to body, desire eventually reborn. We made love when Mistress offered me Jessica the first time, that sublime first time that sealed my fate as a submissive. An ultimate embrace, lost within each other, crying, laughing, enjoying, happy and in love. Tomorrow doesn’t matter…. it did not matter.

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