The Professor Who Submitted to His Dominating Student Mistress Caroline (20)

student Mistress Submitted to Mistress Chloé

Ennia left two days after our last embrace. I had spent the afternoon in class and she was not there when I returned. My student Mistress Caroline, sadistic dominatrix, had welcomed me in a very hard tone.

“My whore, now there’s nothing to distract you. You have only one goal, one person to focus all your attention on: your Mistress. Me ! I intend to bring your dressage into a new phase. But before, I’ll have to go away a few days, I have to join my family. So I’m going to entrust you to Mistress Chloe. She has all my confidence and can dispose of you as she wishes, for all she wants. I expect you to serve her as if it were me. I leave tomorrow. Upon your return from class, your guardian will be there. Do not disappoint me little bitch, otherwise I will not hesitate to get rid of you. Definitely!”

Mistress was right. Henceforth Ennia was no longer to occupy my thoughts. Only I could not help it. She had marked me in my flesh, and I was suffering from an intense, physical lack. Stinging and permanent pain. Yet I had to forget my love and concentrate on my duty: to serve Mistress Caroline, as best I could. To strive for perfection, at least that which she expected of me. To serve her, to obey her, blindly. She held my destiny in her own hands. The prospect of these few days in the service of Mistress Chloe pleased me. Mistress Chloe attracted me a lot. I liked what it was. A powerful sensuality combined with a certain tenderness.

A True Dominatrix

But at the same time, she had this natural, naughty class, and a look that could be made so hard that nobody, especially not me, wanted to discuss her desires and even less her orders. I thought her less harsh than Mistress Caroline. But as I said, she never had the opportunity to really “reveal” herself as a Dominatrix. I was impatient, excited, and also a little frightened. A Mistress never reacts as the subject expects. That’s what makes her strong. So I was a little afraid of meeting Mistress Chloe.

Certainly the management of the apartment, the kitchen, the shopping, the household … all this was now well-run and Mistress Chloe would not have to worry about it. I had become an expert, a perfect butler, almost. Rather a perfect housekeeper. Lined with a little whore, a bitch in heat thirsty for sex and submission. If I were to count my life, I was happy. I had reached, at the feet and in the hands of Mistress Caroline, a certain plenitude.

The next day, I taught my classes normally. With the impatience hardly concealed to find Mistress Chloe on my return to the apartment. I did not have her classroom that afternoon there, so I had no idea what she was preparing for me. I finished around 6 pm, after a particularly interesting course on the balance of opinions in the treatment of certain information. Imbalance should I rather say. At 6:10 pm I rang the door, ready to put myself at the service of my guardian, Mistress Chloe, for a few days. Her voice welcomed me at the entrance:

“Dirty dirty hair! You put on the necklace, the bracelets and the hood that I prepared for you in the armchair. Then you come to the drawing-room! Dispatch. I’ve been waiting for you for an hour and I hate to wait.”

Mistress Chloé marks her territory

His voice was hard. I did not know this authority, almost violent, with Mistress Chloe. I hurried to obey her and join her.

“Stand up ! And just set it up for me to attach you. We will really get to know each other. And I don’t think you will love this. The faster the bitch … I have ants in my hands … it itches to warm your ass!”

Mistress Chloe stopped me quickly. Then she put a ball-gag on me before releasing me from my cage.

“I love a submissive band. If you were mine, rather than cage you, I’d handcuff you so you could not touch yourself.” I would control you differently but you would bander as often as possible. On the other hand, you would not enjoy this very often, believe me. No more than with your present Mistress. But at least you would do me the honor to be very hard for me, to show me how much I inspire you with desire. And…. Torturing a bandaged tail is so much more enjoyable. You see, this is the first time you’re all alone. And for several days. I will start by marking my territory. By marking you. You can scream as much as you want, I’m not the kind to feel the pain of an attached whore. Your body is mine, and you will feel it!”

The First Correction

Mistress Chloe had placed on the couch all the instruments Mistress Caroline had at her disposal. One short swift, another with longer straps, a riding whip and a black leather paddle. She came to face me and hugged me …

“Before you warm up, I’ll warm you up a little … I want you to excite my bitch to death.” You are mine, my sex toy that I can excite and torture as I like … Hmmmm I love it !!!! My bitch to me, my bitch!”

She clung to me, and the warmth and softness of her skin made me bend immediately. She played her nails long on my nipples or on the shaft of my penis. Mistress Chloe was of an animal sensuality, raw, and above all communicative. Her tongue and her scratches made me crazy with desire, my senses were pushed to their maximum. I gasped and moaned, her bitch in heat demanding her dose of pleasure. Mistress Chloe detached herself from me to seize the martinet.

“I think you’re right there … I’m soaked. But it’s nothing. You’ll see, after the correction I’m going to give you, I’ll sink like a fountain. I already told you that I am a sadistic dominatrix in fact?”

She punctuated her sentence with a series of rapid, dry, harsh blows. I rushed and shouted in my gag. She spared no part of my body. Torso, back, thighs, buttocks, tail ….

Mistress Chloe, The Sadistic Dominatrix!

She took a cunning pleasure, between the series, to slowly masturbate my cock. She brought me every time to the edge of enjoyment, before moving on. The session lasted more than 30 minutes. The martinet runs, then along, the paddle and finally the whip with which she fought on my buttocks. I yelled in pain. My kidneys must be like a zebra, red under the violence of her blows. I had stopped counting for a long time, unable to take the pain without flinching.

Mistress Chloe had wanted to break me, to seal her grip. She had succeeded. I hung down at the end of my chains, held by my wrists. My body, and especially my ass was radiating with pain. Mistress Chloe would come and plant herself in front of me. She pulled off my gag and then raised my head and forced me to look at her. My eyes were full of tears. She masturbated gently, or rather collected her liqueur abundant.

She was right. To inflict on me this correction, it had excited her to the highest point. She wiped her fingers on my mouth, my nose:

“See me my whore, lick and taste me! My honey is going to give you strength you’ll see. Now you know what I am capable of. And I even think I can be even harder. I loved to make you suffer. Be careful not to give me the opportunity to often. In other words, I want your total obedience. Otherwise I’ll punish you. And I really like it. Hmmm my whore, my bitch, my thing!”

Slave of Mistress Chloé

Mistress Chloe embraced me and kissed me deeply. Her nails sunk in my stem she masturbated very slowly, but painfully. I almost instantly rebuked. The pain had not succeeded in overcoming my excitement, my desire. I needed to enjoy it. My body did not think, only lived for that. The fulfillment of my sexual need. I loved this addiction, stronger, stronger and stronger in proportion to the weeks in the hands of my Mistresses. I was constantly frustrated, except the few times that Mistress Caroline allowed me to enjoy, to really enjoy. Otherwise, by hygiene, she had recourse to trafficking, to drain me, she said, without pleasure.

She masturbated me while fingering me to stimulate my prostate. And she stopped her caresses when I exploded. My sperm flowed, but without really reaching the enjoyment. I was crying frustration every time, licking my cum gathered by the fingers of my Mistress. Enjoyment obsessed me. I had always been addicted to sex, ass, porn. My addiction had only grown, preserved with the influence of Mistress Caroline. My pleasure no longer belonged to me for a moment. It was in the hands of Mistress Caroline, who now disposed of it as she pleased. For three days, Mistress Chloe, sadistic dominatrix, was the owner. And she did not expect to give it to me. I was going to have to deserve my enjoyment.

“Go my slave, go and make a bath for your Mistress! Then you will prepare my meal! Hmmmm the evening is going to be delicious. Finally for me. For you, it may be a little harder.”

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