The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (17)

The BDSM Party

Mistress Michelle is waiting for us on the doorstep of the apartment for the BDSM party. “Leave the bags in the kitchen for now then come join us in the living room slut!” I excused myself and join Femdom Mistress Michele in the living room. I pause. The coffee table has been removed, leaving a nice open space in the middle of the room. The two delivery men sit on each side of Mistress on the couch. And next to them is Mistress Chloe. Jessica is kneeling at the feet of Mistress Michelle, naked, wearing only her collar, leashed by my Femdom Goddess.

The presence of Chloe and Jessica paralyze me. I guess if this is going to happen I finally have to accept that it will, but I thought Mistress Michelle would be alone I didn’t think she would have company. “So my little manwhore we’re hesitating now? Come here, immediately!” I approach looking down obeying her. I am ashamed, scared, but surprisingly excited. The cage is starting to get filled with my erection which makes it more painful for me to wear. I’m a whore, a bitch in heat, I became that. Or maybe I was always that without knowing it.


Show Our Guests How You Like Getting Fucked In The Ass

“So…. Is my manwhore going to be cooperative? The smaller driver speaks up,” He could have done better … huh Marc?” he said, addressing his partner. “Yeah sure … she did not want to open her thighs. A real virgin. The cage is preventing her from wanking is that right?” It always seems that the issue of my cock being in a cage come back around. Mistress Michelle humbles me even more with a big smile. “Yes, without the cage this bitch would have a permanent hard and only think to touch himself.

He is a real slut who loves getting fucked in the ass. Show them my little whore. Come on, touch yourself, show them you want to get fucked in the ass … excite our guests. You’ll see, he’s a bitch in heat!” I obey Mistress Michelle, carefully avoiding to look into Jessica’s eyes. Mistress Michelle is right. I’m a slut who thinks only of getting fucked in the ass. I slowly lift up the latex skirt around my hips. The big black one named Marc lets out a whistle …“Wow, she is completely shaved … she really is a whore!!”

The Professor’s Education Continues

I caress the inside of my thighs opening my ass with both hands introducing my ass to our guests. I play with the nipple clamps and let out a cry of pain. My cock is in pain in its chastity cage. Mistress Michelle gives the leash that holds Jessica to Chloe and gets up to join me. She unbuttons my blouse and starts playing with the clamps harder than I do. “This bitch has very sensitive nipples. His training is far from over. As we have agreed, gentlemen, you will help me educate him. She has never sucked cock before and this slut has never been fucked by a real cock. She’s yours. You can use her as you like. And make this slut scream, it excites us to death!”

The big black man pulled his cock out. It was more than imposing. He starts masturbates slowly looking at me. He is the first to speak to me,” Here slut show me what you can do with your mouth, come on, suck your first cock. You’re very lucky, it is beautiful big black cock.” I approach slowly and kneel. His big shiny penis repulses and fascinates me all at the same time. Nobody speaks as if this was a sacred moment.

Whore, Suck This Dick

“Faster you dirty whore, suck.” I pull my tongue out and slowly approach his cock. I give small licks at first while he continues to masturbate. He obviously does not want me to take my time because he grabs my head and deepthroats me. “I SAID SUCK BITCH!!! ” I gag and spit and start coughing. “Come on suck me good!!”

I do my best, I suck, sticking his cock deeper into my throat. I remove it from my mouth to lick his penis. He seems to like it, ”Lick the balls too …. you saw how full they are … good cum for you my slut. We will make you a good black whore. I have many friends who will adore you.” I lick and suck. My saliva drips down his dick. Mistress Michelle and Mistress Chloe are watching me suck a dick. I feel even more humiliated but it also gives me the willpower to do it well for my Mistresses to be proud of me.


Show Your Appreciation and Swallow Every Last Drop

“Hmmm… look Chloe she likes it. I told you, she’s a real slut. We will make a good cocksucker out of her. She’s going to become addicted to cock!!” My Femdom Mistresses burst out laughing and are having a lot of fun in this BDSM party. My humiliation reaches in all-time high. I cry with shame while sucking Marc’s cock that is still growing in my mouth. He sets the pace with his hand and I feel it accelerate. Then he grunts and I choke on his very abundant sperm. I spit it out and Mistress Michelle slaps me immediately.

“Dirty whore, don’t you know you have to swallow?!!!” “You fucked up the floor. Clean it immediately!” Chloe, I think she needs the whip to make it stick to her skull. We must motivate her a bit … go lick that good sperm and clean this man’s cock and thank him for it!” As my ass was being whipped, I licked Marc’s sperm then I take him in my mouth to clean him. He is still somewhat hard and laughs while making fun of my poor cocksucking skills. “You’re going to have to get better than that. You’re terrible at sucking cock!! We’ll come back. Don’t worry, we can train you!” he says winking at his colleague.

My Humiliation Reaches An All-Time High

“Come on, my boyfriend wants you. I’m black but his cock is bigger than mine. And he has big balls too!! Right Luis?” ! Luis who was masturbating the whole time while I was sucking cock walks up to me and squeezes my nipples. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and I can’t stop him. I think it repulses me more to kiss him than it did to suck dick. I try to turn my head away as there is nothing more humiliating than kissing him.

But Luis is holding me by my nipples. Faced with the pain, I can only offer my mouth. He kisses me for a long time then lowers my head towards his huge cock. I have never seen such big balls before. His cock is thick, not too long but very wide. I have trouble taking it in the mouth. He forces me to suck it and deepthroats me until there is no where else for my cock to go. I vomit every time he does this. He is amused by all of this.

Preparing Myself To Get Fucked In The Ass

Mistress Michelle and Chloe start making comments. “Chloe, have you ever seen a cock like this before? I never have. He is really big. Our little slut is going to get his ass torn up!!” “Yeah you’re right, he’s fucked! Damn, that is a big cock!” “You like that, huh whore, those big cocks!!! You really are a fucking slut!!” I’m trying to take a look at Jessica but she keeps her eyes down. And Luis orders me to look at him in the eyes while he kisses my mouth.

“Get on all fours. Marc will prepare your ass so that I can fuck you. If it’s me who starts you’ll explode.” He pushes my head down and forces me to kneel on all fours on the mat. Marc got up too. Mistress Michelle throws me a bottle of lubricant and a condom. “Go on whore, did you think someone else was going to do this for you? Put the condom on him and I advise you to put a lot of lubricant in your asshole if you want it to hurt less. They will open you up completely!! You will love it!” I tremble while slipping the condom on Marc’s cock.

The Delivery Men Rape Me

He is bigger than the biggest dildo Mistress Michelle has ever used on me. I’m paralyzed. “You should put a lot of lube on your finger and finger your asshole.” It was Jessica who spoke. I froze and turn to her. Mistress Michelle is standing next to her. Tears swell up in my eyes and I follow her advice without taking my eyes off of her. I am totally annihilated. Marc thinks it’s too long and he walks behind me.

His hands are on my neck as he forces me to get on all fours. I feel his penis rubbing on my anus and he starts to push. I try to open myself to relax. He forces his cock inside of me and penetrates me. I scream in pain and he puts a big slap on my buttocks. “Hmmm I love making bitches shout … Go, scream if you want to. Damn she’s tight, this is good!” He goes back and forth and sinks himself all at once. I scream but Luis sticks his cock in the mouth to keep me from crying. They rape me. The pain subsides a little but the pleasure is not there.


The Rape Is Over But The Humiliation Still Lingers

Marc penetrates me with big thrusts and he does not take long to enjoy a second time. He withdraws leaving me with a gaping asshole and Luis immediately takes his place. “Hold on!”, says Marc. “Put more lube inside of him, you’ll see she’s really good!” His penis is much bigger than Marc’s. He forces himself but fails to get his dick inside of me. Femdom Mistress Michelle then goes through her bag and takes out a vial of poppers.

“Here slut, take a big sniff!” I obey and the heat invades me and he immediately goes inside of me and I scream again when Luis penetrates me and Mistress Michelle makes me sniff again and encourages Luis. “Yeah, now you can really fuck her!” Luis doesn’t hold back. Mistress Chloe sticks a pair of thongs in my mouth to muffle my cries of pain. Luis grabbed my hips and pounds me faster and faster. He cums and quickly withdraws. My anal rape is over but not the humiliation.

I am Completely Broken And Dehumanized

My face is filled with pain and tears. Femdom Mistress Chloe removes her thong from my mouth and Michelle speaks, “You must be thirsty my little whore … Look at all that good hot cum that you will be able to enjoy … open your mouth and stick your tongue out, go!” She empties the two condoms filled with the sperm of my rapists on my tongue, “Swallow everything ! You’ll have to learn to love it, it’s not the last time you’ll taste it, believe me!”

I am on the verge of vomiting, but I obey. I swallow just like my Femdom Mistress orders me. I feel dehumanized. Totally broken. Mistress Michelle says good-bye to the two delivery men but not without telling them to come back very soon. And do not hesitate to tell all their friends who would be interested about me. She returns to the living room and sits in front of me.

A Small Reward From My Femdom Goddess

“My whore … see what I can do with you. I can offer you to whom I want and make you fuck whoever I want. I did it and I will do it again. Often. You’re mine. My object, my slave. I hope that now you are fully aware of it. You are my whore. And if I want to prostitute you, I will do it. It’s that simple. But enough for tonight, I think you’ve had enough. And as you excited us you are entitled to a small reward.”

I throw myself at her feet, kissing them, licking them with devotion. I cry, thanking her, saying that I am her dog, her whore, her devoted slave, that she can do anything to me and everything she wants. That I am hers. She is my Femdom Goddess, my Divine Mistress. She pushes me off with the sole of her foot and orders me to get up.

Then she takes the key that hangs at the end of a chain between her breasts and frees me from my cock cage. I immediately get a hard-on. “Jessica, approach. Our little slut has earned a reward. So you have 3 minutes to enjoy it. If you do not succeed in making him cum, the punishment will be worse for him. He returns to his cage and for you, it will be nothing but the whip. You know how severe I can be especially when I’m super excited like right now. So get to work!!”

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