The Professor Who Submitted to His Dominating Student Mistress Caroline (15)

mistressEnd of the Car Journey to my Mistress

It is cool, and the voice of my mistress resounds. Probably an underground car park.

– Get the whore. Stop. Kneel, hands behind your back!

I’m always blindfolded. So I obey this naturally from dominating woman. My masturbation session, then cleaning my cum, made me disrobe. I feel, as vulnerable as I have ever been. No familiar presence. Just this beautiful woman who directs me to the voice, and a driver that I did only notice when riding in the car.

Is my Divine Mistress there? Does she look at me? No time to pity me on my fate, the voice of my Mistress is heard again.

-When you are transported for free, the least I could do is to thank her guests, don’t you think whore?

“Yes, Mistress, you are right!

-Well…. Thank you, then, for the one who led you there. Paul, come on … the whore will say thank you!

Paul the Chauffeur

At the same time that the words of Mistress resound in the parking lot, I feel the presence of the driver who came close to me, very close. I then hear, the characteristic sound of a zipper. Everything jostles in my head … the words of Mistress … say thank you … the sound of the zipper that opened … I understand, but do not want to understand at the same time. Not that … please, not that … I’m not ready. Not a word comes out of my mouth. My petitions are silent.

-Get the whore, thank him as you should. Paul is spoiled by nature, and he particularly likes getting sucked by whores like you ….

Too much. I crack, falls prostrate to the ground, at the feet of this Paul, and my tears spring. To my sobs answers the laughter of my divine Mistress Caroline. She was there, she saw everything … I certainly disappointed her, I’m not worthy of her, I’m not strong enough to become her whore, what she wants me to become, she’s going to Reject me … My tears redouble, my humiliation explodes, and fear invades me. I hear without really hearing my divine Mistress Caroline greet and thank them. Time is suspended, and I am nothing but a rag on the ground, weeping over its fate. In fact, I am broken, totally.

Arrival of my divine Mistress

Finally, steps come closer and stop a few centimeters from my face. A voice. Her voice.

– So, 15 days without seeing you, have you forgotten the way you have to greet your Mistress, my pitiful little whore?

The insult makes me all the worse because at this moment, it is exactly what I am. Pitiful. I throw myself literally on her feet. I embrace, I lick, I’m delirious ….

-Divine Mistress Caroline …. Pity me Mistress … do not abandon me I beg you … I will become the whore you want, I will suck all the tails you will present me … Divine Mistress Caroline, please, my Mistress, I beg you … keep me Divine Mistress Caroline ….

A Necklace from my Mistress

My divine Goddess lets me beg, cry and kiss her divine feet for long minutes. Then she stepped back, without a word … I remained kneeling, totally helpless, not knowing what to do. Hands tied in the back, eyes still bandaged, I am offered and hopeless. At this moment, I believe that my fate completely disregards me. I feel annihilated, empty. My tears stop flowing. Then, I wait, thighs apart, without any awareness of the spectacle I offered. Someone might come up, I don’t care.

Mistress Caroline comes closer, still without a word. She turns me around and places herself behind my back. I feel a necklace around my neck, Mistress who manipulates the mechanism of fixation. I hear the sound of a chain, Mistress fixed it to my necklace …. And my hope is reborn. I am reborn for her by her. Standing, arched, thighs apart, right head, I wait and I let myself be invaded by joy, even happiness. She put a necklace on me. So she always wants me.

Totally Owed by my Divine Goddess

– My whore, My dog, My bitch, My submissive … .. What you just lived was a test. Whether you succeeded or not, doesn’t matter. What I wanted was to break you. And cause you no harm. Now you will listen to me very carefully. What I am going to tell you now, I will never repeat to you. It’s up to you to never forget it. You’re mine ! I order you to obey, I offer you, you give yourself. I humiliate you, you thank me. You live for me. You’re nothing, and I’m everything. Your life belongs to me, your body belongs to me. You do not decide, you endure.

Now it all starts with you. At my feet, your Goddess, your Queen! You have one chance. Just say NO, and I’ll release you. I’ll give you your photos, videos, and freedom. But then I can never hope for anything from myself. Do not hope to see Ennia again. You will not have anything to do with me. Or give yourself to me. Decide to belong to me and venerate me, and know that there will be no turning back. You choose now. Your Queen or your freedom!

Mistress Caroline has dosed the silences … her words have pierced me, transported … it gives me hope, strength … and at this moment, I am a submissive mad lover of his Mistress. A feeling of power that I have never known. Finally, I cry softly, overwhelmed by emotion.

-Divine Mistress Caroline …. I have only one desire, deep within me: to belong to you. I choose my Queen, you, Mistress Caroline.

My Goddess approached. Then she takes my face in her hands, and murmurs, before embracing me with infinite tenderness …

-I knew it.

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