The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (14)

My Calvary and Liberation

The end of the year break was both a calvary and a liberation for me. I spent the holidays with my family and confessed to my wife about my indiscretions. It was at this time that my wife and I decided to separate. During the holidays, I kept in regular contact with Femdom Mistress Michelle.

She agreed to host me as soon as I returned while I looked for a place to live. I had managed to negotiate more classes for the January term and will be exercising my role as a full-time professor living in Syracuse the whole time at the feet of my Femdom Goddess, totally submissive to her.

Leaving My Old Life Behind For A New Life Of Submission

I was about to leave Syracuse at rock bottom, knowing that my liberation, my renaissance would be done by belonging to Femdom Michelle. I left a huge part of my life to submit to her desires and fulfill my darkest impulses. This left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. A taste for personal failure and I was struggling to see the bright side of it all.

I knew being focused on servicing her would help me accept that I have given myself entirely to Femdom Mistress Michelle and have entrusted her with my destiny. I would no longer reflect on my life and I would be completely submissive to her desires. During those two weeks, I did not dare ask Mistress about Jessica. I was suffering from needing here. And the lack of her consumed me.

My Need For Jessica Consumes Me

The need for her, her looks, her skin, her warmth, her smell …. need. Thirst. Hunger. I was dying for it. It became a real obsession. If Mistress Michelle wanted to push my limits I knew I was already able to surpass her desires, if it allowed me to find Jessica. More than a few hours to go before I arrive at the Walsh Regional Transportation Center and my new life would begin. Mistress Michelle had said she would be there to welcome me. “Unless I send someone else to receive you my little whore. Anyways, for this last trip, you will wear your stockings and thong. And of course your anal plug. Do not forget to shave … I demand that my whores be smooth “.

So I obeyed. Wearing my stockings and thong under my clothes, ass well plug, the Amtrak was carrying me to my second life. The miles being swallowed by the serpent of the railway tracks emptied me little by little of my anguish, my sadness, my regrets. During the journey, I began to imagine my arrival at the Walsh Regional Train Station and especially the reception of Mistress Michelle.

Femdom Michelle’s Full Time Whore

My fantasies were wandering … but nothing happened as expected. Nobody is waiting for me when the train arrived. However, some time later I see a woman in her forties holding a sign with my first name and a surname of “Whore”. People are laughing at the stranger with the derogatory name. I thus, reduce the pace of my walk and delay my encounter as much as possible with the one that awaits me because I know this gentleman “Whore” is me.

Mistress Michelle wanted to strike a great blow for my arrival. My passage from “free” man to “full-time whore of Mistress Michelle’s” was accentuated by the sign. I approach the large woman with the hard face. She had an energy about her that makes insecure men run the other way. By insecure men, I mean those who are sensitive to true femininity, the very woman who is the opposite of weakness.


Humiliated At The Train Station

This woman exuded power and assurance. So I approach her discreetly and say, “Hello Miss, I’m Victor Whore” looking at her feet. She immediately slaps me across the face which attracts the attention of other passengers. “You’re late Whore … your Mistress will be warned, you can count on it.” The Amtrak is actually 10 minutes late. I blush while hearing the spectators mock my humiliation. “Follow me whore and do not drag your feet.”

The surprise of me being humiliated in a train station in Syracuse and the butt-plug filling my asshole makes me feel like I was about to break mentally. However, I did as I am told without a questioning word. We walk towards a black sedan parked in the next street. A driver gets out of the car, opens the door, grabs my suitcase and puts it in the trunk of the car. Then he opens the rear door. Miss turns to me and orders me to get in. The car starts and slips into the flow of traffic.

Terrified And Sexually Frustrated

I noticed the rear windows are tinted. “Whore, keep your stockings and your anal plug on. Nothing else.” I do not argue. Miss takes my clothes and says to the driver: “Open the window!” I watch terrified as she throws my clothes out of the window. I’m naked, asshole filled with a butt-plug in the back of a car that takes me to who the hell knows where. I am afraid and I move forward with the only thing that still exists in my eyes: the confidence that I have in Mistress Michelle and my desire to be totally submissive to her.

Miss blindfolded me then ordered me to lie on the on the bottom of the inside of the car, positioned in the middle of the back seat, and her heels rest on my belly. The journey takes time. I see nothing and lose the notion of time. Miss places the tip of her shoe on my cock. The situation, the contact of the leather, me being sexually frustrated … all this makes me very hard. “You’re in rut … Your Femdom Mistress will soon put you back in a cock cage, believe me. I cannot allow your mistress to see you in this state.

Jerk Off Whore

You would not want that would you whore? ” Miss put her heels on my cock adding more pressure while questioning me. As I delay answering her, the point of her heel sinks deeper. I groan under the pain that does not make me lose my hard-on, quite the contrary … “No Miss, I would not introduce myself to my Mistress like that Miss.”

She rolls my swollen cock under the sole of her heel, making me moan more and more intensely. … “Did you not learn to shut up whore? I stop moaning and internalize the pain which was also delightfully exciting. “I only see one solution, you’re going to jerk off. Come on …. you have 3 minutes to empty your balls and soften … JERK OFF !!! I want you to cum on my foot, go … This is probably the last time someone will allow you to cum for a very long time.

Completely Give Myself To A Life Of Subservience

Maybe even the last time”. I do it immediately. Too horny. Need. Desire … At the moment, I didn’t realize that she was right. May I masturbate for the last time Miss? The pleasure rises quickly. I tried to resist during these two weeks as Mistress had asked me. I have touched myself only twice, I have not been totally abstinent. I masturbate quickly. The pleasure comes at the same time as my awareness of the abandonment of my sexuality, the control of my sexuality. Control that I will put in the hands of Mistress Michelle.

I give myself completely to a life of subservience. By the renunciation of this simple act, which I have practiced for so long … masturbation … I give myself up. I give myself completely to my Mistress. I enjoy this while the tears well up in my eyes. Explosion of pleasure, jets of cum on the leather covering the foot of Miss. “Jerk off again…. empty yourself completely …That’s.. it’s better… squeeze your balls to make sure nothing is left …!! “

“Dirty little whore, now that you defiled my beautiful heels! They have to be cleaned …. LICK! Miss crushes her cum smeared foot on my mouth. I overcome my disgust and licked. I am only a slave who obeys. I do not decide anything. My free will is in the garbage. I belong, I obey, I serve. Nothing else. I feel the vehicle exiting a road and starting to slow down. I thought it was probably a ramp. It seems like we are going down. “Here we are. Come on get down whore. I have to give you up to your Mistress.”

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