The Professor Who Submitted to His Dominating Student, Mistress Caroline – Part 14

MistressThe end-of-year break was both a calvary and liberating. The confession to my wife, the Christmas atmosphere, as a family, when the decision to separate us was made. Regular contact with Mistress Caroline, who agreed to host me from the beginning of the school year, while waiting for me to find accommodation. I had managed to negotiate more classes in January. Now I will exercise my role as a full-time teacher, and therefore live in Paris, at the feet of my Mistress, totally subject to her.

I was about to leave for Paris. At the bottom of the hole, even if I knew that my liberation, my renaissance would be done by my belonging to Mistress Caroline, by my submission to her desires, by the satisfaction of my deep impulses. I left the greater part of my life. That left me with a bitter taste, a taste for personal failure and I was having trouble collecting. To give myself entirely to Mistress Caroline, entrust her with my destiny, the management of my time in her service, it would help me to pass the course. To no longer reflect, but just obey and trust in her, in fact be totally subject to her.

Travel to New Life

During those two weeks, I had not dared to ask Mistress about the absence of Ennia. I was suffering from lack of it. And this lack consumed me from within. Need of her, her look, her skin, her warmth, her smell …. need. Thirst. Hunger. To die of it. A real obsession. If Mistress Caroline wished to push my limits, I knew I was already able to surpass her desires, if it enabled me to find Ennia. More than a few hours before the Gare de Lyon, and my new life.

Mistress Caroline had said she would be there to welcome me … “Unless I send someone else take delivery of my little whore. Besides, for this last trip, you will wear stockings and string. And of course your plug. Do not forget to deprive yourself … you are free now, then I demand that my whore be smooth “. So I obeyed. And it’s downstairs and thong under my costume, ass well filled by a plug, that the TGV transported me to my second life. The miles swallowed by the serpent of the railway emptied me little by little of my anguish, my sadness, my regrets. During the journey, I began to imagine my arrival at the Gare de Lyon, and especially the reception of Mistress Caroline. My fantasies were wandering … but nothing happened as expected.

Arrived in Paris

Nobody is there on the platform when I get off the train. A little later, however, a woman in her forties waits, holding a sign with my first name and the surname “Lapute” … People are hilarious, and make fun of this stranger with the importable name. I thus reduce the pace of my walk and I delay as far as possible my encounter with the one waiting for me. Because I know this gentleman “Lapute” is me. Mistress Caroline wanted to strike a great blow for my arrival, my passage from man “free” to “little whore full-time” of Mistress Caroline.

I approach the woman. Rather large, a hard face, and a class that makes the real men turn in on the street. By true men, I mean those who are sensitive to true femininity, the very woman who is the opposite of weakness. This woman exudes such an assurance, such a power dare I say. So I come to her height and pronounce a discreet “Hello Madam, I am Victor”, looking at his feet. The answer is, then, immediate, a scathing slap that makes turning the passengers still on the dock. “You are late Lapute … your Mistress will be warned, count on me.” The TGV is actually 10 minutes late. I blush, would like to disappear. I hear the mockery of the spectators of my humiliation. “Follow me the whore, and do not drag.”

Total humiliation by my Mistress

The surprise, being humiliated here, in full train station in Lyon, the plug that fills my ass, looks at me …. I am at the limit of the rupture. However, I am Madame, without a word. We leave the station to reach a vehicle parked in an adjacent street. A black sedan, which looks a bit like a limousine without having the excess. A driver leaves, opens the safe and deposits my suitcase. Then he opens the rear door. Madame turns towards me and orders me to go aboard. The car starts, and slips into the flow of traffic.

The rear windows are tinted, very dark. “To the whore. You keep your stockings and your plug. Nothing else “. I do it without discussion. Madame picks up my clothes and addresses the driver: “Open the window! “. I watch it. Tetanized, swinging everything on the roadway. I’m in dim-up, ass fills, no more clothes, in the back of a car that takes me I do not know where.

Desire to be totally submissive

I am afraid and I hang up as I can with the only thing that still exists in my eyes: the confidence I have in Mistress Caroline, and my desire to be totally submissive to her. Madame blindfolded me, then ordered me to lie on the ground. It is positioned in the middle of the back seat, and his heels rest on my belly. The journey lasts, I see nothing and loses the notion of time. Madame plays the tip of her shoe with my cock. The situation, the contact of the leather, my sexual desire frustrated … all this makes me bend, hard. “You are in rut … Your Mistress will soon put you back in a cage, believe me. I’ll have to do something, I will not allow you to present it to her in this state. You would not want, would you, the whore? “.

SM session in car

Madame put her shoes on my cock, and she accentuates the pressure, while questioning me. As I wait to answer, the point of his heel sinks a little more. I groan under pain that does not make me bend less, quite the contrary … “No madam, I would not introduce myself to my Mistress like that Madame”.

She rolls my cock swollen under her sole, tearing me groans more and more intense … “Did not you learn to shut up the whore? I ceased my jeremiads, and I encountered the pain, which was also delightfully exciting. “I only see one solution, you’re going to jerk off. Come on. You have 3 minutes to empty your balls and soften … BRANLE YOU !!! I want you to squirt on my foot, go … This is probably the last time someone allows you to do it, before long. Maybe even the last time all right “.

I’ll do it right away. Too keen. Need. Desire … I do not realize immediately that she says maybe true. May I masturbate for the last time. The pleasure rises quickly. I tried to resist during these two weeks, as Mistress had asked me, I have caressed only twice. I have not kept total abstinence, I masturbate quickly. The pleasure comes …. At the same time as my awareness of the abandonment of my sexuality, the control of my sexuality. Control that I will put in the hands of Mistress Caroline.

Beginning of the new submissive life

I give up arms. By the renunciation of this simple act, which I have practiced for so long, if animal … masturbation … My arms up, I give up, so I abandon myself to my Mistress. I enjoy while tears bead to my eyes. Explosion of pleasure, jets of cum on the leather that sheath the foot of Madame. “Shoot again …. Completely empty the whore … That’s .. it’s better … press your balls to make sure nothing is left … ”

“Now, dirty little whore, that you have soiled my beautiful court shoes, it will have to be cleaned …. LECHE! Madame crushes her foot smeared with cum on my mouth .. I overcome my heart and lick, I clean, I am no more than a slave who obeys. I do not decide anything. My free-will in the trash. I belong, I obey, I serve. Nothing else.

I feel that the vehicle leaves the road. Slow-down. Probably a ramp. We go down it seems to me. “Here we are. Come on, get down the whore. I have to give you up to the Mistress. ”

(To be continued)

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