Confessions from My Boyfriend Who is a cuckold fetish

 Confessions from My Boyfriend Who is a cuckold fetish

cuckold fetish

This was a first for me… dating someone who fantasized about watching another man fuck me, and sometimes two! I was so used to the standard FFM threesome fantasy that this threw me for a loop. And not only did he want to watch me having sex with other men, he didn’t want them to know he was watching. After he mentioned this more than a couple times, I tried to figure out how I could make his fantasy come true. It definitely wasn’t something I would have come up with on my own, but as I’ve become more adventurous sexually, it turns me on to turn my partner on.

This wasn’t something that was going to happen without some planning. It wasn’t like I had anyone I knew that would be willing to fuck me without feelings and we didn’t have a two-way mirror dungeon. I definitely wanted a stranger and I wasn’t into a gangbang, so he would have to settle for one guy. That’s the thing about compromise and kink, we all have to respect each other’s limits and boundaries. You may not always have your entire fantasy fulfilled, but you should be grateful for any part coming to life.

I decided to browse the kinky adult dating sites I had joined a while back and realized it wouldn’t be that hard to find a willing playmate. Once I did and had a few back-and-forths online, I met this guy, who I’ll refer to as X, in person to discuss the situation. I told him that I was in a relationship and that it was my boyfriend’s fantasy to see me getting fucked by a stranger. I added that he wanted to watch but not be seen. I wanted to be completely upfront with X, so he knew what was what… but I wouldn’t tell my boyfriend about this meeting or that X would know he was there, hiding in the closet as a voyeur.

The night it all went down I told my boyfriend that I was going out to the bar and that I would pick someone up and bring him home. I said I would text him just before we were home, so he could get into his hiding place. I knew it was important that he think that X didn’t know he was there. And I reminded X to be natural and uninhibited and follow my lead.

We got straight to business. I unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob before he undressed me and threw me on the bed. There was some spontaneous spanking before he fucked me from behind. I couldn’t help wonder what my boyfriend was thinking or doing. Was he masturbating? Was he naked? Was he going to come out and want to join us? All of this actually got me extra wet. I fucked X for another half hour before I told him he should go because my boyfriend would be home soon. Wink wink.

After he left, my boyfriend sprang from the closet and was on top of me, horny as hell. We fucked until we collapsed from exhaustion. I never told him about the kinky pre-meeting because it would have spoiled the experience, and he’s never asked about doing this again. It’s like an itch that once scratched is satisfied.

How far will you go to fulfill your partner’s fantasies?




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