Cindy, A Dominant Female Matriarch-Part 1

A Dominant Female Grows Up On a Dairy Farm

My owner doesn’t have me address her as Mistress. She doesn’t dress in leather and we don’t refer to her “golden nectar”. I call her Cindy, or Boss when it’s natural. Cindy was a dominant female who grew up on a dairy farm with 3 younger brothers she had to keep in line, along with the physical chores that are required of those associated with that kind of home life.

She was tossing bales of hay with a pitchfork and feeding cattle before her brothers were old enough to help and she grew up strong and tough and that pleased her. Dad was gone and mom had her hands full running the business so she left Cindy the task of controlling and directing the boys’ activities. She made sure they followed the rules. Each of them, at some point, resisted against their restrictions.

dominant female

The Brothers Test The Dominant Female Physically

The did this often, physically, and each of them were  humiliatingly woman handled by their big sister and, to this day, consider her as the ruling matriarch of the family. She’s old school, and doesn’t pretend to effect fancy affectations. Yes Ma’am, is enough for her. She doesn’t mount her queenly throne nor does she sit full weight on your face and rides it hard until she cums no matter how long it takes. And, I mean this sincerely, she is the strongest girl/woman I’ve ever known.

Now, as any submissive male will when we arrange to wrestle a  female, we are going to throw the match and try to make it appear like we gave it 100%. It’s just not in us to defeat a female. It’s all about building her confidence and her ego so she knows she can beat you. We like that!

Cindy Gets Challenged to a Wrestling Match

So, when the first opportunity arose to wrestle her, (“still, you’re just a girl and I’m bigger than you, so I’ll win every time”) I was going to make sure she won. In fairness to me, this took place before I knew about her upbringing or even knew she had brothers.

We faced off from our knees on the bed naked. I was about to feint a move to attack, when WHAP!!, she slapped the fuck out of me. I actually saw stars and heard a ringing in my ears!

dominant female

Then she was on me twisting me face down on the mattress and somehow wrapping her legs around my chest and pinning my arms to my side. Propped up on one elbow, she started spanking my naked butt and I was stunned how badly it hurt. I was surprised  that I instinctively fought with all I had to escape, kicking and contorting and she just bore down harder. Out of nowhere she had one of her flip flops in her hands and she was pounding my ass on the  very same spot and holding my face securely to the mattress with the other hand.

I heard myself begging her to stop, saying I couldn’t take it any more and this wasn’t role playing ,painless fantasy, I was getting what I had always wanted. This made me wonder if I was fucking crazy! Every once in a while I got a glimpse of her face and, man, I saw determination and intensity and self assured confidence and she saw me looking, saw the resignation in my eyes. She locked in and smiled meanly.

Be Careful What You Wish For

“I Know this is what you want and I’m gonna do everything you ever fantasized about, you lucky dog. Your fantasy are coming true!”

I mentally ran through my confessions I emailed to her during a sleepless sexually   frustrated yearning 2 nights ago remembering how exhilarating it made me feel writing it down, saying it out loud, and actually hitting the SEND button to a woman I barely knew. However,  I trusted her to keep these cravings unshared with others.

I remember asking myself ironically, What could possibly go wrong?

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