The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (3)

The Femdom Mistress Michelle Is Enraged By Their Passion

“You two are like two bitches in heat … all you can think about is kissing each other! Real whores!
Michelle swapped her phone for a black whip which she nonchalantly caressed the divine ass of Jessica before whipping her perfectly shaped ass. “Stand up slut … you disgust me! You’re a real bitch and will be punished for your enjoyment. You did not think once of your femdom mistress when you were getting screwed by that submissive dog. I saw it! Believe me, you’re going to get it now. YOU ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE, YOU THINK ONLY OF ME, YOU WILL ENJOY ONLY FOR ME! Go clean yourself up..get out of my sight. Michelle said howling at Jessica in a visible rage.

I wasn’t sure whether she was faking it or not. In any case, the mark of the whip was clearly visible on Jessica’s ass. As for me, I was lying on the floor with my dick hanging out which I didn’t think would work to my advantage.

I had only one desire, to fuck. But I knew Michelle had other plans for me. She approached me and laid her foot directly on my genitals, hard enough to make me groan, which was actually hurting me. “Now you are mine!” You accepted my offer and that slut Jessica. So you agree to become my submissive. That was the deal. And I recorded and created a backup of everything. I advise you to not back out of the deal. I don’t think the Dean of Students would enjoy seeing a video of a professor kissing one of his students”, Michelle said.

You Belong To Me Now

“Michelle, I don’t….”Michelle pressed harder on my groin and said, “You belong to me now!” It’s Mistress Michelle every time you address me. And you only talk if you have been asked to, am I clear my little pet?” Yes Mistress Michelle, crystal clear!” I didn’t know what to think. I lived what I had desired and fantasized about for years. But I was afraid. Afraid of everything that could change in my life.

Afraid of losing what I had, but tempted by what I had to gain, namely a sumptuous femdom mistress and the possibility of finally being what I truly was, a submissive man desiring to obey and serve his divine Femdom Mistress. Michelle withdrew her foot and stepped back to sit on a chair  facing me. “Approach my pet. Seeing you kiss like bitches in heat has excited me. Come on, show me what you can do with your tongue. I want to cum. And you better do a good job. I can’t stand terrible oral sex.”

Now It’s Time You Give Me Pleasure

I approached on four legs eyes riveted on the most sublime vision I have ever seen who was now my femdom mistress. She is so beautiful. I was deeply fond of licking a woman’s pussy and I was hoping Michelle would like how oral sex savvy I am. Slowly, I began to give her little licks on the periphery of her vulva but Michelle grabbed my hair and stuck my mouth on her lips. “I ordered you to eat me not taste the end of my lips like a cat licking its water bowl. Lick me and make me cum!”

I obey her doing my best to give her pleasure, sticking my tongue as deep as possible, sucking his clitoris between my lips, licking again. She maintained her grip and I only existed as her tongue. She visibly appreciated my work, gasped harder and harder, and urged me to continue without stopping. I felt her whip smack my ass lightly from time to time. I felt like she was about to cum and I concentrated on her clitoris until she came screaming and me drinking her nectar.

She pulled my face from between her legs and I lay on my knees, thighs spread out, hands behind my back, watching her regain her wits. “Not bad slave, but I’ll have to teach you what I love. You’re going to be a good slave that I can lend to my friends”, Michelle said. “Thank you Mistress Michelle.” All of a sudden I felt the painful crack of a whip on my ass. “Did I allow you to talk you dirty whore. Tell me, did I ask you for an answer? Did I ask you to respond to me?” No Mistress Michelle, I beg your pardon, it will not happen again.”

Jessica Is A Well Trained Slave

“You really need to be trained. You have no idea what I will teach you my pet.” Meanwhile, Jessica came back to the room. She was wearing ankle and wrists restraints and a wide, black collar. She came to kneel at the foot of her femdom mistress. Michelle bent over and grabbed the tip of her nipple. “Look at my little bitch, take a good look at my submissive and the result of my training. She is now able to hold on to the pain without making any noise. Not even a moan.”

While she said that she stretched and twisted Jessica’s nipple between her fingers. I was watching Jessica’s face stiffened but relaxed. Michelle played with her nipple for almost a minute. I saw Jessica’s face getting tense. Her jaw clenched and their was a tear streaming down her face. She was in pain but silent. “You see she endures pain but keeps her mouth closed as I taught her. You will learn to shut up and suffer, believe me. Otherwise you will suffer even more. That’s how it sticks in the head of dogs like you, by force!” she laughed.

“Now it’s your turn to clean up. You smell like a wet dog, Jessica accompany him and make sure to wash him thoroughly.” I had the impression that Michelle had punctuated her last words with a wink at Jessica. I was not sure as to what is waiting for me in the bathroom.

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