Sissy Slave Destiny

My Desire To Be Effeminate Started Early

I believe I was always a woman in spirit. I started wearing panties when I was 12, swiping them from my sister’s laundry. My older sisters dressed me as doll when I was a baby and a toddler. I can recall wearing ballerina outfits when I was a child. Through the years I have wrestled with my identity, my self imposed shame, my feminization.  A few years ago I began spending Sundays in situ in my home. I have carefully selected and assembled an entire range of clothing for my sissy slave destiny. I have moved to a very rural area where I can be a sissy at home all the time.

Living as a woman is especially enjoyable when I get to try on new panties, bras, and lingerie. To fully appreciate a woman’s life I also use tampons four days every 28 days. I get very excited when I shave my pussy, legs and entire body to prepare for “date night”. Once my nails are perfect and I have tucked away my male vestigial, I dress for a date  either classy or slutty as mood strikes me. The feel of satin or silk on my closely groomed pussy keeps the tingle between my legs when I am curled up in bed wearing lingerie. I also love wearing satin or silk lingerie while I am doing yard chores with work pants and a t-shirt barely covering my taboo.

sissy slave destiny

The Transformation Of Becoming a Sissy Continues

I masturbate to a schedule set by a Dom I have friended online. She can be demanding but I ALWAYS obey, even when she watches and has me lick my cum off my hands. Her and I can never meet, but I hope to be picked by a Dominant Mistress who will use me totally and guide my feminization. Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about women’s sensitivities and hygiene needs. I want to serve my Mistress completely. My fantasy is to totally shamelessly submit to any desire of my Dominant Mistress as a feminized slut for her entertainment, hygiene, humiliation, sharing, party toy for Her and her friends.

My Mistress expects me soon. I must go and wash my pussy and put on panties and bra for her inspection. Then masturbate without coming till she says stop.

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