Passionate Letter to My Goddess, My Mistress, My Life – A True Slave Experience (8)

submissive slave

Good morning Goddess,

Today is a special day for Mistress and I as it marks the one month anniversary of my coming out as an openly submissive slave to Her. She did tell me She noticed something interesting about me since we first met. I was always so attentive and subtly obedient to Her. When She found out about the extent of my proclivities, it didn’t come as huge surprise to her. But then again, when She met You and the “submissive slave” we had morphed into a Mistress/slave exploration, then a full on Female Led Relationship, it did come as a bit of a unexpected lifestyle shift for Her. She had never explored D/s and didn’t know a much about it.

Mistress started looking at my favorite Femdom websites and was surprised to see the popularity of the subculture. She discovered the potentialities and depths of the lifestyle and how many people out there are practicing it. Goddess expressed fascination with the spectrum of D/s expression. My Female Superior never considered the connection between a liberated man doing household chores, or a gentleman holding a door open, and the BDSM lifestyle. She realized that all those nice little things a man will do for his Woman can also be a subtle expression of something else, whether it is an erotic submissive slave male, FLR or Female Supremacy.

A Shopping Spree with Mistress and Her Slave

I was surprised to see the gift She brought me today. She is in the process of changing my wardrobe, informing me that She will need to approve all clothes I wear. She gave away more than half of my clothes and we have been shopping for new clothing. The gift was several Femdom t-shirts. One said “Chick’s Rule. Men make good pets” and had that classic stick figure picture with the Female holding a leash to a submissive slave who is bowing to Her. So much fun! Mistress said that I will be wearing these kinds of shirts often and really looked forward to having me wear one for Hers when we go shopping today.

She loves to see people’s expressions when I express subtle submission to Her in public. She is impressed with the positive reactions received, many with a good sense of humor or endearing giggle. I thanked Mistress for Her sweet gift and knelt to kiss Her feet. She sat down and held Her legs out to be massaged. As usual, I was a proper naked slave for Her, wearing only my chastity device. I faced Her on my knees so that She could maintain eye contact with me. She put one leg on my shoulder and I held the other, kissing and massaging. Then She would alternate, allowing me to worship Her other leg.

Submissive Slave Serves All Women

Mistress picked up the phone and called You and I continued to worship Her as You two spoke. Hearing Her laugh and have so much fun talking to You is such a pleasure for me! I am so glad You two have hit it off so well. She is definitely discovering a new passion in the process of becoming a Mistress and nurturing my submission to Her. And it is all thanks to you Goddess.

Mistress told me that the two of You would be going out together and I was to stay with Ashley at Your house. Ashley would supervise while I clean the house and do Your’s and Ashley’s laundry. I was also to serve Ashley, as You and Mistress agree that it is good for my training to serve other Women domestically (and of course non-sexually). She also told me that You two would be dancing with friends on a double date and as we discussed before, Mistress may entertain the idea of having a lover. This brings up a mix of emotions for me as Her slave, and takes me into a deeper submission to Her. No matter what minor jealousy I will need to face down, I am ultimately committed to supporting Her in whatever makes Her happy.

There Are No Limits to A Slave Serving His Female Superiors

Mistress has also pondered Your suggestion that She could lend me out to serve Her friends on occasion. She has already hinted at this offhandedly to one of Her good friends who complained that She was too busy to keep up with housework. Mistress told Her that I love to work around the house and if She needed, She would be happy to have me come over and do some chores for Her. Her friend Lisa is in Her fifties, divorced and a busy professional. When Mistress suggested this to Her, She at first gave a very bemused look, (not exactly a common offer). She then became very curious and seemed interested. As far as Mistress knows, Lisa is vanilla and has no experience with D/s. (But then again, one never knows what may have gone on behind closed doors for Her during Her marriage or while dating.)

Mistress and I haven’t explicitly come out to Lisa, (or anyone besides You and Ashley for that matter). But I think Lisa began to sense something interesting was going between Mistress and myself. Mistress asked me how I felt about having a talk with Lisa about it, sharing a little of what our relationship had developed into. I told Mistress that I would be happy if She let Lisa in on our little secret. I know the two of them are close and Mistress might enjoy the support and feedback of a good friend. If it makes my Mistress happy, I am even happier.

Thanks, as always, for Your love and support Goddess!

In submissive adoration,

slave j


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