The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (4)

The Cleaning Session

The cleaning session lasted a long time. I was administered three enemas by Jessica. Then she washed me at length. Her soapy hands on my body made me regain a certain vigor and the redheaded goddess did not deprive herself of a few strokes of my cock. She finished by carefully shaving my hairline: “Our Femdom Mistress adores a smooth hairline. And I think she has a nice surprise for you during your slave training. Well…maybe not now…but I confess I cannot wait to see the surprise.” I looked at her and she came closer and pressed her body against mine. She put her mouth on mine and we exchanged a long deep kiss during which she grabbed my cock and masturbated me very slowly. We obviously liked each other a lot.

My Fantasies About Jessica Come True

I was on cloud 9. Michelle was right. Jessica had been fantasizing about me since the beginning of the year and I would’ve never thought I would have the opportunity to experience these moments with her. She drew back a little bit still holding onto my cock. “You heard what Mistress Michelle said. I am her submissive but I am also your superior and you owe me respect and obedience. I like you very much.”

You will also please me and I hope I will have the opportunity of abusing you often. Kneel my bitch. Eat my pussy …” I obeyed her immediately, too glad to taste it again. Jessica stood with one foot on the edge of the bath. I kneeled on the floor and burrowed my face between her thighs and I tasted her very slowly. It is in this position that Mistress Michelle found us, “Are you’re both obsessed with each other or what?” My pet, kneel in the middle of the room with your hands behind your back.”


Jessica Requires A Correction

As for you my bitch get on that chair!!!”, said Mistress Michelle. Michelle had not shouted. No need. Her hard and authoritarian voice was enough to make us obey. I took the position she ordered and Jessica positioned herself with her belly on the leather armchair with her thighs open and ass up in the air. Mistress Michelle approached her very slowly.

“Usually I punish you without tying you up.” But between your cries of passion just now and the fact that you got your pussy eaten out like a whore without my permission, I think you deserve a true correction, what do you think my bitch?” “Whatever you want, Mistress Michelle. I am your dog, punish me, I deserve it.”

Michelle took several ropes and tied Jessica to the chair before putting a ball gag on her. Jessica was facing me and I could read a certain apprehension in her eyes. The situation excited me terribly. I had never witnessed a punishment in real life. I was satisfied with videos I found on the net. “You have the right to shout my bitch. You’re going to hold back as usual but I’ll break you, you’re gonna see.” The first lash fell. Jessica’s body tightened in her bonds and pain and surprise filled her eyes.

The Femdom Mistress Michelle Breaks Her Submissive

A second lash snatched a brief groan from her. Michelle whipped her hard. With that sound, Jessica being tied to that chair and Michelle wielding the whip, my erection became uncontrollable. I loved what I saw, what I felt. And I silently thanked Michelle for offering me the fulfillment of my fantasies. Three, four, five … Jessica was moaning at every stroke. Stronger and stronger. I could not see her buttocks but they were probably marked deeply by the whip considering the intensity of the blows. But I could see her face. Six, seven, eight, nine times. At the tenth she screamed and shook in her restraints.

Tears flowed down her face . She was struggling and she was breaking. Mistress Michelle had won. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…. Jessica shouted incessantly, half choked by her gag. Michelle took her time. No blow was struck at the same rate. She spared the suspense. She caressed her skin with the end of her whip or passed it between the thighs of Jessica to pat her pussy with it. Jessica calmed down a little and Michelle whipped her again, provoking another howl from her submissive. I was suffering for her and I crossed my fingers never to undergo such punishment. The pain frightened me. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen …“That will give you the urge to want to fuck again without my permission. Your ass is going to be sore tomorrow,” Michelle said.

Jessica Gets A Small Reward

The twentieth lash landed with a loud noise. Jessica’s ravaged face seemed to radiate with pain. And my erection was even stronger than ever fascinated by the scene that had just unfolded before my eyes. Michelle laid down the whip and put her hand on her slave’s pussy. “This bitch is wet!!! I will punish you for having a wet pussy!! You really are a bitch in heat. You only think of fucking. Next time I’ll whip your pussy!! Let’s see if it’s dripping wet then!! Michelle had not withdrawn her hand. And I imagined it coming and going inside Jessica’s pussy. No doubt she had pressed her fingers to jerk it deeper. I could see Michelle’s wrist moving at a good pace and Jessica moaning louder and louder.

“Hmmmm I will let you cum my bitch since you endured the whip. This will be a small reward for you. You have 1 minute to enjoy. Not a second more.” Michelle accelerated the rhythm of her fingers. Jessica was cumming shouting through her gag and she came quickly. This time it was fun. Her face, although strained by the correction she endured radiated with pleasure. She seemed totally different. Michelle withdrew her hand and looked at me.

You Will Make Me Money, Slut

“Since you like the taste of pussy so much come lick my fingers clean.” I rushed to Michelle’s feet and licked and suck each of her fingers she stuck in my mouth. “Hmmm you really like it …. You need good S/M training. I will train you a little more and maybe I will be able to praise your services. You will be making me money by eating pussy like a real whore. Maybe you like to suck cock too? Hey? Have you sucked cock before my bitch? “No Mistress Michelle, never Mistress Michelle. That disgusts me.”, I said.

“Does it? Because you think it’s you who decides? You belong to me now. You are my property! No longer did I know myself. I felt like I was blushing and the very idea of sucking a man’s cock revolted me.”I beg you, Mistress Michelle, not that.” I will not be able to !” The slap was immediate.” You will talk when I allow you to talk dirty whore.

You’ll suck cock if I feel like it. I will make you a slut who will demand cum and a hard cock in your ass!” Michelle’s words had brutally brought me back to the reality of my new situation. I had no choice but to obey her. Even if the game went too far for my taste she had the means to force me to do what she wanted. If she wanted me to suck cock I couldn’t see how I could get out of the situation I was currently in.

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