The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (2)

Michelle Offers To Train The Submissive Professor

carolineWe were all sitting on the leather sofa. Michelle’s (my dominatrix student) hand was on my thigh while Jessica was facing me. I could not stop staring at the sexual creature who was flaunting herself in front of me. Nor could I ignore the hand of the most exciting student I’ve ever had moving up my thigh. My body was frozen by the massive influx of hormones, fantasies and thoughts of regulations against student-teacher fraternizing. Michelle’s mouth approached my ear and her voice brought me back to the moment.

“I’ve seen you watching her since the beginning of the semester. I know she excites you and you probably fantasize about her. This little dog has been my submissive for six months. She belongs to me. I’ll give her to you. On one condition..”

I took a moment to reflect on her words. I knew that if I still had a chance to leave and didn’t want to jeopardize my career as a professor and jeopardize my family, I had to get up and go. Right NOW! “What is it?” I said. “I offer her to you if you offer yourself to me. She excites you but for me, it is you that excites me. I want you. You are going to be my male whore, my sub, my sexual object. I am a Dominatrix and I want you. I have thought about this since the first time I saw you. I want to train you and will train you.”

Jessica Offers Herself To The Professor

Her hand was between my legs. She tightened her grip and masturbated me slowly while I stared at Jessica. “My little pet is excited. Show him what you have to offer him. Do me the honor my little whore, GO!!” Michelle said. Jessica obeyed without any hesitation. She took her g-string off and pasties off. Now I could clearly see her nipples. She began dancing as she was approaching me. This dance fascinated me and made me harder under Michelle’s fingers.“Go my whore, I got him hard for you. Show him how hot and horny you are!”

Jessica slid her hands over my body. She placed my hands on her beautiful breasts and at that point I couldn’t control myself anymore. I spread her thighs and got a direct view of her warm, wet pussy. Michelle had pulled my cock out of my pants and I felt her fingers get tighter and tighter around my cock which made me moan loud. I liked it.

She must have guessed it. I saw no other explanation. She had to know that I would not protest, that I would stay, that I would submit because I dreamed of it. Jessica would be the gift that would seal the deal. My deal with a devil. The femdom goddess of my dreams. Yes, she had certainly felt it and soon realized the power she had over me. I was a man and with her fingers wrapped around my cock she was directing me.I was perceived as a male slave dominated by my Dominatrix’s sexual urges.


My Darkest Secrets And Deepest Desires Are Of Them

A miserable man who only thought of the idea of being with women like Michelle and Jessica. Michelle would become my drug and my deepest secret. She was already so and she knew it. I stared at Jessica’s fingers that were in her pussy and I barely heard Michelle’s order to take Jessica in my mouth “Taste her pussy! Drink her juices! You see how she’s already’re going to fuck her, eat her, suck on her and shove your cock in her mouth…you’ll see how she sucks.
She’s a real pro. You’re going to enjoy her mouth wrapped around your cock!”

After that you’ll be mine and your training will start. You will be mine and she will only enjoy you when I give you permission.” Michelle continued jerking me off, “Don’t stop teasing him Jessica. He likes it. You’re going to love getting jerked off by us. Jessica is my sub but she is a woman. When you become my thing, my male whore, she will also become your Femdom. Even though she is a sub she is still superior to all males. All those dogs who think only of their cock…like you!”

All I Wanted Was Jessica

Her voice had become stern. She squeezed her fingers harder around my cock and I was seriously suffering. I would learn later that this pain was nothing and that I would know much worse. But for the time being I was in pain. But I liked it, and she knew it. Michelle made me get up by pulling on my cock. “Undress yourself …. and fuck that whore. Fuck her all you want she’s yours. As long as I order her.” I wasn’t thinking. My body went on autopilot. I had a strong desire to kiss her. To know the taste of her ass, between her ass, her breast and the taste of the sweet nectar in her pussy.

I wanted her to feel my cock in her mouth and in her ass. As I cupped her breasts and she kissed me and I went inside of her. I am a machine, a cock, nothing more than an inanimate sex toy that screws when they’re told to do so. Frenzied with sexual madness, we are only cries, groans, raw words, shining skins of sweat, tangled arms and legs, tongues out. Jessica is insatiable. Michelle had her phone in her hand which I hardly noticed. I don’t care. I don’t care about anything except Jessica’s pussy that comes crashing down on my mouth. I eat it again and again and she sucks me over and over again. We enjoy position 69 until it leaves us dead. Full of sex and pleasure.

Michelle..My Student Dominatrix

We take our breaths slowly, Michelle going above and beyond reaching her goal. I looked at her in a detached way, conscious of what has just happened. I was only a weak male, dominated by his cock as I always was. Still, I could get up, snatch her phone and leave. I may have the strength but not the will. Her images are of no use to her. She will not need to blackmail me. I want to be with her, be trained by her. Become her whore, her pet. She confronted me with my deep desire, my absolute fantasy. I knew at this moment I will always have a Mistress. And that Mistress is student dominatrix.

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