The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (15)

Arrived At The Desired Location

We are probably in a garage and I hear Miss’s resounding voice. “Get out whore. Stop and kneel down. Hands behind your back!!” I am still blindfolded so I obey her. My masturbation session followed with me licking my own cum made me lose my hard-on. I therefore feel as vulnerable as I have ever felt.

No familiar presence. Just this magnificent woman who directs me with her voice and a driver I only noticed when I got out of the car. Is my Divine Femdom Mistress here? Does she see me? No time to pity my fate. I hear Miss’s voice again. “When you are given a free ride the least you can do is say thank you. Don’t you think whore?” “Yes, Miss, you are correct!”

Confused And Humiliated

mistress“Thank the one that led you here. Paul, come on … the whore is going to thank you.” At the same time that I hear Miss’s voice in the garage I feel the presence of the driver moving closer to me. I hear the characteristic noise of a zipper being opened. All these thoughts are swirling in my head, the words of Miss ordering me to show my gratitude and the sound of the zipper being pulled down. I understand but don’t want to understand all at the same time. Not that … please, not that … I am not ready. Not one word comes out of my mouth. I keep my complaints to myself.

“Get down bitch thank him as he should be thanked. Paul is spoiled by nature and he particularly likes getting his dick sucked by whores like you.” This is all too much for me. I fall on the ground at Paul’s feet and my tears stream down my face. I can hear Mistress Michelle laughing at me. She was there the entire time. I disappointed her, I am not worthy of her. I’m not strong enough to become her whore or whatever she wants me to become. I fear she is going to reject me. More tears stream down my face. My feelings of humiliation envelope me. I hear my divine Femdom Mistress Michelle greeting her and thanking Miss.

Femdom Mistress Michelle Finally Approaches Me

Time is suspended. I am nothing but a slave weeping over his fate. I am completely mentally broken. Finally, I hear the steps I recognize as Mistress Michelle approaching me. I hear a voice. Her voice. “So, 15 days without seeing me have made you forget the way you have to greet your Mistress my pathetic little slave?”The insult made me feel even worse at that moment.

That was exactly what I was. Pathetic. I literally throw myself on her feet. I kiss, I lick, I am delirious. “Divine Femdom Mistress Michelle, pity me, do not abandon me I beg of you. I will become the whore you want. I will suck all the cock you want … Divine Mistress Michelle, please, my Goddess. I beg of you … keep me divine Mistress Michelle.”

Hope Renews Me As Now I Know I Belong To Her

My divine Femdom Goddess lets me beg, cry and kiss her divine feet for a long time. She recoiled without a word. I remain on my knees, totally helpless, not knowing what to do. I am still blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. I feel hopeless. At this moment, I am completely disgusted with myself. I feel annihilated, empty. My tears finally stop flowing.

Mistress Michelle walks behind me and puts a collar around my neck. I hear the sound of a chain while Michelle attaches it to my collar. I feel hopeful again. I am reborn for her and by her. Still kneeling with my thighs spread apart, I wait and I allow myself to feel joy and even happiness. She put a collar on me so she obviously wants me.


I Mentally Broke You

“My whore. My dog. My slut. My submissive … .. What you just experienced was a test. Whether you did it or not doesn’t matter. What I wanted was to mentally break you. And I had no trouble doing so. Now you will listen to me very carefully to what I am going to tell you. I will never tell you this again. It’s up to you to never forget it.

You’re mine! I order you and you obey. I offer you to others and you give yourself to them. I humiliate you and you thank me. You live for me. You are nothing and I am everything. Your life belongs to me now. Your body belongs to me. You do not make decisions anymore and you will suffer.”

Slavery Or Freedom

Your new life begins now. At your Goddess’s feet. Your Queen!! You have a unique opportunity. Just say NO, and I will release you. I will give you your photos, videos, and freedom. But if I do so you will never have any contact with me or Jessica again. You will be nothing to me … Or you can give yourself to me. Choose to belong to me and worship me knowing there is no turning back. But choose now!! Your Queen or your freedom!”

Mistress Michelle waited for a response. Her words resonated through me. They gave me hope and strength. At this moment I am only a submissive man madly in love with his Mistress. A feeling of power that I had never known before. I finally responded to her ultimatum. “Divine Femdom Mistress Michelle …. I have only one desire deep within me: to belong to you. I choose you My Queen, my Femdom Goddess. My Femdom walks around to face me. She takes my face between her hands and whispers in my ear, “I knew it.” Then kisses me with infinite tenderness.

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