A Shocking Experience : controlled by 3 young mistresses


A Shocking Experience : controlled by 3 young mistresses

young mistresses

He watched Cassie and her three friends enter the room, where they took seats on two sofas surrounding him while he knelt naked on the floor. His body trembled at their curious stares, feeling the tight cock shocker strapped around his balls. His owner introduced the young women, Barbara clad in a short blue dress, a red haired Sylvia barely 20, kicking off her shoes and Lucy, grinning evily under long, straight black hair. They all displayed shapely legs closely crossed, the sight of which made his balls begin to swell.

Tom’s face began to sweat under his mask while Cassie held up the tiny remote device and instructed how to control levels of current that the shocker could create,

“While you can dial up to 120 counts, I’m sure you’ll be entertained at a safe response below 40. Barbara why don’t you start?”

Barbara smiled taking the remote in both hands. She pointed it at him. “Take that you sucka.”

The current felt like a vice had closed on his genitals. He squirmed, throwing himself onto his back and wiggled to the delight of the laughing girls.

“Look at him go!” Lucy shouted. “How does it feel to be a man, now, you pig?”

Sylvia reached out with her left foot and pressed her sole hard against his nose and mouth. “How does that taste, bitch?”

She took the control from Barbara. “I want to see him dance. Stand up slave.”

“Set it at 30,” Cassie advised.

Tom let out a yell at a sharp pain that spread through his loins. He threw his hands in the air and began jumping. His balls and penis flopped up and down.

“Wow, look at him go,” Lucy said. “Move those balls, honey.”

He prayed she would take her finger off the button before he passed out.

The current stopped.

He stood gasping, hands on his knees.

“C’mer slave,” Lucy commanded. He hobbled over to her. Abruptly, she reached out with both hands, taking his nipples and giving them a hard twist,

Feeling like she had ripped out his soul, he dropped to his knees. Suddenly, he lost all will. At that moment, he belonged to her as she dug long nails into the tips.

He did not see her take the control, nor her fingers dial up a current level of 80.

He hardly heard the scream from his mouth before blackness set in.

His eyes opened to an empty room. Cassie stood overhead.

“Wake up slave, they’re gone,” she said poking at his nipple with the toe of her shoe. “Get up, you have chores to do.”

He lay there for a moment sensing a soreness in his balls. Was it the current or did they have their way with him after he passed out?

It didn’t matter, he couldn’t wait ‘til they would do it again.

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