15 Slave Positions

15 Slave Positions

By: Mistress Sidonia

Slave Positions

  1. Slave Positions : On all fours, head down on the floor, bottom up
  2. Awaiting use Position: Lying on your back, face up, hands at your side
  3. Interview Position: Kneeling up in front of the Mistress, hands in the small of the back
  4. Doggie Position: On all fours, hands and knees
  5. Trample or Dirt Position: Lying face down on the floor, spread eagle
  6. Submissive Position: Kneeling down, bottom on heels, hands in the small of the back, eyes down
  7. Being left Position: Kneeling up, hands behind back, keeping a coin pressed onto a wall with your nose – drop it at your peril!
  8. Walking Position: On all fours, ready to crawl, head on the Mistress’ right walking knee
  9. Bad boy Position: In a tiny ball, head in the corner of the room
  10. Good boy Position: Kneeling down, placing head in the Mistress’ lap
  11. Search Position: Arms up against the wall, spread eagle
  12. Club Position: Ready to crawl with your face nestled in the Mistress’ bottom or kneeling
    still so your face can be used as a bottom rest
  13. Punishment Position: Bending forward, hands on knees
  14. Being ignored Position: Standing, hands on head, facing a wall
  15. Humiliation Position: On all fours, legs splayed, forehead on the floor, using your hands to pull your bottom cheeks wide apart

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